Below are the services available for nationals of Grenada. If you’re looking for visitor services, please click here.
Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered by our FAQ, or need a form not listed here.


Adoption Brochure
Adoption Requirements, Processes and Restrictions


Affidavit – Amendment to Marriage Certificate
Affidavit – Declaration Regarding Loss of Passport
Affidavit – Change of Name on Birth Certificate
Affidavit – Correctness of Date on Birth Certificate
Affidavit – Correctness of Name(s) on Birth Certificate
Affidavit – Insertion of Name on Birth Certificate


Request for Apostille of Grenadian Document

Authorization to Travel to Grenada (Parolee/Convicted Felon)

Parolee/Convicted Felon Questionnaire

Birth Certificate

Request for Birth Certificate after Date Correction on Affidavit
Request for Birth Certificate after Name Change on Affidavit
Request for Birth Certificate after Name Correction on Affidavit
Request for Birth Certificate with Name Insertion on Affidavit
Request for Replacement Baptismal Certificate
Request for Replacement Birth Certificate

Canada entry Guidance to Grenadian Nationals with USA Permanent Residency

What you need to complete the eTA Form
Instructions – Completing the online eTA Form


Application – Renunciation of Grenadian Citizenship
Instructions – Renunciation of Grenadian Citizenship
Other Types of Citizenship
Request for Replacement Registration Certificate

Death Certificate

Request for Death Certificate

Deed Poll (Last Name Change)

Name Change Deed Poll

Document Verification

Instructions – Document Verification

Emergency Travel Documents

Emergency Travel Document Instructions and Application

Human Remains

Human Remains

Marriage Certificate

Request for Marriage Certificate

Marriage Licence

Marriage Licence Application

Naturalisation Certificate

Request for Copy of Naturalisation Certificate
Affidavit – Reason for Loss of and copy of Naturalisation Certificate

Passport Applications

Effective Monday, 16th July 2018, the Government of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique has transitioned to the new ePassport. The ePassport is a biometric/digital passport, enhanced with an embedded electronic microprocessor, which is distinguished by a logo at the front cover. Effective Friday, 1st November 2019 the new ePassport fee is US$250.  Lost/Stolen/Damaged ePassport fee is US$500.  Passport applications usually take between two (2) to three (3) weeks to process and are forwarded to Grenada every Friday by the Consulate.  Passport processing may be expedited for an additional fee of US$50 (separate money order) and takes approximately one (1) week.  A letter detailing the need for expediting must accompany the application if applying for expedited processing.

Change of Name on a Valid Passport
Instructions and Application for Change of Name on Valid Passport

Child of a Grenadian (First Time Applicant)
Instructions, Travel Document Questionnaire and Application (Child of a Grenadian)

First Time Applicants
Instructions, Travel Document Questionnaire and Passport Application

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passports
Instructions, Affidavit and Passport Application – Replacement of Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport

Passport Renewal
Instructions and Application – Passport Renewal

Renewal of Grenada Passport more than 6 months from Expiration
Instructions and Application – Grenada Passport Renewal more than 6 months from Expiration

Pet Permit

Instructions – Pet Permit
Cat Permit
Dog Permit

Police Certificate of Character

Request for Police Certificate of Character

Returning Nationals Concessions

Brochure – Returning Nationals Concessions
Incentives for Returning Nationals
Declaration – Returning Nationals
Itemized List – Returning Nationals

Visa Requirements for Grenadians

Visa Requirements for Grenadians visiting other Countries