Back to School Drive - Update!

A hearty Thank You to all who have had an opportunity to contribute to the 72 pre-schoolers of St. Michael’s R.C. School in Woburn. It was a success, and your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Here are some photos of your gifts of fun and exciting learning. After distribution, we will update the site with photos of the supplies in use.

Grenada Back To School Gifts

The Consulate General partnered with a Grenadian national on a Back to School Drive to provide school supplies to students at St. Michael’s R.C. School. Another national sponsored backpacks for the 72 preschoolers, and yet another agreed to pay the cost for shipping everything to Grenada so, we called on you, the Grenada national and expat community, to help fill those backpacks!

St. Michael’s R.C. School is located in Woburn, St. George’s. This September, the school will be celebrating its 90th year. The current principal has been with the school for the last 3 years, but there are teachers who have been with the school for over 30 years! Best of all, the school employs 3 cooks to provide hot, balanced meals to the students each day.

Thank you for your continued support!

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